Lady Loki is an eclectic Pagan with a focus on the Matron Bastet and the Patron Loki. Who also happens to be a complete executive fan girl about the gloriousness that is Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the Norse God of Mischief. Feel free to contact me or check the about me page for longer detailed self glory and all of that. ;)

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Loki has become a very beloved character among the Fandom, so much so that one could argue even as the Villain he has more Fans then the heroes of the movies he has appeared in. I know I am one of them and I know many others. Here are a few links to other Loki related sites across the Fandom.

Facebook Lokis Army (not this sites admin)

Loki’s Army Tumblr (not this sites admin)

Then there is this petition which is a hope of the fans to get Loki his own movie. I would go see it. Many Many times.


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